Move up and down and absorb black dots! Taking one will make you grow larger and give you some points!

But beware of white dots, which lower your score!

Diamonds will return you to your original size!

The bigger you are, the more points you get from black dots, but the greater the risk of hitting white dots!

There is no failure condition and a single playthrough is quite short, but there is longevity in the form of scoring as high as possible! How will you match up? Post your score in the comments below!


  • Removed rigidbodies from dots and diamonds, providing a big performance boost without affecting gameplay
  • Fixed diamond hitbox being too small
  • Diamonds in the Windows version are now colored black for consistency with the browser version


Elevacuum (Windows) 45 MB
Elevacuum (Source) 32 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip after downloading, and run the .exe.

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